Difference between tomato paste and tomato ketchup


When we talk tomato paste and tomato ketchup , most of us think they are same products .But in fact ,  the only same part is that they are made from fresh tomatoes .

There are many differences between tomato paste and tomato ketchup .

1)Tomato paste is a highly concentrated ,thick products , which used when cooking to enhance flavors .  tomato sauce  is quite watery  ,which provided  us a rich flavors when we have pizza ,pasta etc .

2)We sort tomato paste into different brix .brix 18-20% ,brix 22-24%, brix 28-30%, brix 30-32% ,brix 36-38% etc . For tomato ketchup , we sort it by different flavors , sweety,sweety and acid , sweety and spicy etc .

3) Tomato paste ingredients only tomato paste and salt , while tomato ketchup  ingredients have garlic ,onion , salt , sugar etc, even chili .

tomato sauce


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